To answer the question, yes, the Audi S4 offers the Audi Drive Select. However, the question begs another question—what is the Audi Drive Select? The Drive Select system allows the driver to choose from five different modes of operation: Comfort, Dynamic, Individual, Auto, and Efficiency. When the driver selects a mode, they are instructing the central computer to adjust several factors, including, the accelerator, suspension, transmission, engine, and steering wheel.

The Efficiency mode is best for driving around Livermore, CA, and the Comfort mode is used to dampen the effects of rough roads. The other modes are dependent on the preference of the driver. Such programs allow the vehicle to adjust to the driver rather than the driver adjusting to the car.

At Audi Livermore, our certified technicians are versed in the differences between each mode of the Audi Drive Select system. We make sure that each mode works to perfection.

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