The Audi e-tron Battery Impresses

The arrival of the e-tron reveals Audi's plans for a fully electric car reached fruition. As word spreads about the e-tron, look for many of these Audi vehicles to populate the roads. The e-tron requires a reliable battery to operate. The innovative e-tron battery raises eyebrows among tech wizards who marvel at the design.

The battery isn't a weak one. Check the owner's manual. The text lists the battery as a 95 kWh lithium-ion one. With that kind of power, the battery's power capacity should prove impressive. Who wants to charge an electric car multiple times a day? The e-tron's battery provides a charged capacity owners will appreciate.

Amazingly, the battery "hides" in the floor of the passenger compartment. The decision to place the battery here further reveals how innovative the vehicle's design is. Why pop the hood to reach the battery when the car isn't an "old school" model?

See how the e-tron and its Audi battery work during a test drive in Livermore, CA We have these models at Audi Livermore, and you can check them out.

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