Vehicles That Oversteer Vs Vehicles That Understeer

On the topic of oversteering and understeering, we at Audi Livermore have information on the types of vehicles that are going to have either occurrence. We also have information on the types of circumstances that you may need to worry about. Not all of these cases are a cause for concern.

When it comes to understeering, the vehicles that are the most prone to this occurrence is the front wheel drive vehicles. The engine power goes to the front wheels that steering the vehicle. Therefore, if you are not careful, then you are going to find yourself in an understeer situation.

For the oversteer occurrence, you have rear-wheel drive vehicles. Therefore, you are more likely to experience a fishtail situation. The good news about this is that on dry road and ideal driving conditions, this is not something to be concerned about. If it does get out of control, then you do have to correct both oversteering and understeering.

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