Auto-dimming rearview mirrors can help prevent the glare of extremely bright headlights from disrupting your focus. If you live in Livermore, CA, driving at night has its risks, and something that makes it more dangerous is being temporarily blinded. In just over one second, a vehicle can travel 123 feet at high speeds. In the one second it took for your eyes to readjust, there could have been danger!

Auto-dimming mirrors are constructed with sensors using electrochromism technology. This component works in tandem with a gel-like substance. Adaptable signals are sent through the electrochromic gel to the mirror which deters the distracting flashes from the cars behind you. The sensors detect glare from rear traffic lights and automatically dims the mirror.

Several auto-dimming models and styles are readily available, so you can get your rearview set up with this convenient, and helpful technology whenever you need it. If you’re looking for a vehicle with this feature, consider asking Audi Livermore about cars with auto-dimming technology.

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