Don't Let A Failing Fuel Pump Ruin Your Day

Your vehicle's fuel pump works hard to bring gas from your fuel tank to your engine. Without a properly functioning fuel pump, your car won't even start. Fortunately, there are warning signs that give you a chance to repair a small problem before it becomes a much larger problem.

Have you noticed that your engine skips a beat when you are driving at high speeds? A sputtering engine is a common occurrence when the fuel pump is malfunctioning. If your vehicle's temperature starts to rise, and the engine stalls, you could be dealing with a failing fuel pump.

Does it feel like you are always stopping at the gas pumps? Decreased gas mileage is a sign that something isn't right, and it could be a malfunctioning fuel pump.

Don't stress yourself out over a fuel pump. Make an appointment at Audi Livermore's Livermore, CA service center, and our experienced service technicians will handle all of your car care needs!

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