The Audi A3 Has Tactical Safety Tools for Rural Areas

In many rural zones throughout the Livermore area, there are places where drivers must avoid various hazards. The Audi team understands the risks in rural locations, which is why the A3 is designed with multiple tools that sense possible collisions. By operating an Audi A3 in a rural area, you'll have peace of mind because the safety technology will give you alerts whenever there are nearby obstacles on the road that could damage the vehicle.

Many sensors that use radars are mounted on the Audi vehicle's frame. If a deer roams on the road in front of the A3, the forward collision warning system will provide an alert. Although the radar can keep passengers safe, you can also rely on the braking technology, which ensures a higher level of safety. The braking hardware is effective in rural zones because it implements braking procedures during emergencies based on the situation. For example, when a deer is far away, the system will only activate partial braking mechanisms.

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