What is the Audi Pre Sense Basic System?

Realizing how accidents impact families, the Audi engineers developed a safety system that responds to hazardous driving conditions. Utilizing information from several sources, the Audi Pre Sense Basic system takes over the vehicle to ensure the safety of its occupants.

Working in conjunction with the Pre Sense City program, the Pre Sense Basic system senses for an unstable situation that may result in the injury of the vehicle’s occupants. When confronted with certain factors, the Pre Sense Basic system tightens seat belts, closes all windows including the sunroof, and activates the hazard lights. When a collision is unavoidable, the Pre Sense Basic system assists the driver with controlled brake applications, often overriding the intense effort of the driver and keeping the car from skidding.

Come to Audi Livermore in Livermore, CA to protect your family by opting to add the Pre Sense Basic system in your new Audi A4.

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