Methods to Clean Automotive Headlights

Over time, your vehicle headlights can become cloudy and yellowed, making it difficult to see at night, especially if the streets are not lighted. Fortunately, it is easy to clean your headlights yourself if they are not heavily scratched. Often a simple cleaning is all that is needed.

First, try cleaning the headlights with toothpaste. Use a toothbrush and gently scrub the headlights. If that does not help, use insect repellant with DEET after applying it directly to the cloth, being careful not to touch the vehicle's paint. If stronger methods are needed, you can buy a headlight cleaning kit that comes with abrasives to remove small scratches.

If your headlights need replacing, bring your vehicle in to our service center at Audi Livermore in Livermore, CA, and we will inspect your vehicle and answer any questions you may have. We can provide this and any other automotive service you might require.

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