Test Your Car's Battery Easily and Safely with a Voltmeter

To test the power left in your car battery, the voltmeter will give the most accurate results. In addition to the voltmeter, you will need some good work gloves, a wire brush, and safety glasses.

Open the car hood after the car lights and engine are turned off. Locate the battery and use your wire brush to remove any corrosion blocking a clean connection to the voltmeter. The voltmeter has a pair of cables, black and red. Red is going to go on the positive side of the battery first, then black to negative. Now the meter will indicate battery strength. If the meter reads 12.4 or more, the battery is fine. If the meter shows 12.2 or less, the car battery could be weak and unable to crank over your car engine.

If the car battery is failing, come to our service center here at Audi Livermore and we can further test your charging system or replace the car battery if needed.

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