What You Need to Know About Tire Blowouts

Tire failure or blowouts happen for many different reasons. Thankfully, many instances are preventable. Underinflated tires remain the major cause of blowouts. Tire pressure should be checked routinely and especially before long trips. Also, check the tire for any signs of damage. Running the tires into curbs over potholes or other obstacles not only poses a risk for tire damage but may also put the front end out of alignment. Misaligned tires cause uneven wear, which can also cause blowouts.

Tires should be rotated as recommended. If noticing a vibration or unusual noise when driving, have the alignment checked. Vehicles should also have tires with sufficient tread. Driving on tires with little to no tread poses a risk of accident or tire failure. Tread depth is easily checked using an upside-down penny. If you see the top of Lincoln's head, it is time for new tires.

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